Watermelon scented Play Dough.

Pairs perfectly with our Watermelon scented Coloured Rice for extra sensory play.

Encourages imagination and builds fine motor skills and coordination.


200g aluminium tin.

Contains: Natural ingredients and bakery grade colour.

Colour: Red.

Scent: Watermelon.


Ages 3+

Although our dough is non toxic and smells pretty yummy, it has a high salt content so should not be consumed.  


  • When you're not using it, pop your dough back in its container, screw the lid on nice and tight and keep it in a cool, dry place.

    If you're in a hot or humid area, we suggest you also pop it into the fridge.

    If used regularly and stored correctly, your dough will last up to 6 months.

    If you notice your dough has become a little dry, add a few drops of coconut oil and knead until it becomes smooth again.